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Manufacturing of Scarves and Shawls – Wholesale (made

(The prices in the websites written
by websites automatically, because we left empty the price option.) “So,
the prices writen in the websites are not valid.” Prices of the products
changes with quantitiy, dimensions etc. of the products. Please ask!

Please contact us with the definition and quantity
of the products that you want to buy.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 18:00 Not working on Sundays.

Our company manufacturing Scarves –
Shawls – Foulards – Winter Scarves – Flags – Peshtemal –
Towels. We are marketing our products to overseas and domestic markets. We are manufacturing
our products with the brands we have but if costumers demand, we can manufacture
with any brands. We have a lot of varieties and we can manufacture many kinds
of textile products according to demand.

Our Company serves with,
* Weaving,
* Printing
* Sublimation Printing
* Confection (Sewing, ironing, Packing etc.)

Our Products;
* Pashmina Shawls (With or without fringes, Silvery, Foil Printed, Flock Printed,
Patterned Printed etc.)
* Double Colored Taffeta Shawls and
* Chiffon Shawls and Scarves
* Jacquard Shawls and Scarves
* Laced Shawls and Scarves
* Rayon Scarves and Shawls
* Twill Scarves and
* Cotton Shawls and Scarves
* Cashmere looking Shawls and Ponchos
* Medina Silk Scarves and Shawls
* Shemagh Shawls and Scarves
* Many kind of Foulards and Winter Scarves
* Sequined Shawls
* Winter Collar Knitted Neckwarmers
* Shawls Foulards and Scarves Weaved with Silvery Yarns
* Printed Scarves
* Silk Shawls, Foulards, Scarves and Ties
* Turkish Peshtemals and Towels
* Flags, Pennants and streamers
Some products are
manufactured on order. There are different minimum order quantities changing by
the type of product.

contact us for your wholesale pricing, details, orders and requests.